about us

Tiny Gardens is part of a home and landscape design company. We have been operating since 2002 doing landscape and exterior design.

We love the comfort and relaxation that plants bring to us.

We have installed many decks and patio spaces. We have offered our customers potted plants and small gardens with their garden designs for many years. We wanted to bring this service to everyone who love plants and beautiful objects in their homes.

Outdoors we are surrounded by plants and green spaces. We want to bring this into the home and as alternatives for the smaller spaces outdoors.

This is a great alternative to the time poor as potted plants do not require a lot of care. They can be changed easily if you decide you would like something different.

High quality and classic designs that will last. There are so many options you can view on the website. Or you can request a special order.

What Potted Plants can do for you:

  • Potted plants are a lovely way to add colour and texture.
  • They give height and frame spaces.
  • They enhance areas to look more personal and loved.
  • Potted plants bring comfort and relaxation to us in our hectic lives.

We wanted to offer a service for anyone who has no time for planting, gardening or just cannot decide what to do. We take the stress out of the decisions so you can enjoy and relax with beautiful potted plants at home.