terms and conditions


Tiny Gardens requires full payment before delivery.

We accept: internet banking and credit cards.

You will be provided with a receipt on payment.

For special orders we need a 50% deposit. The remaining 50% is to be paid before delivery.

If we are out of stock of your choice of pot &/or plant we will require a 50% deposit to order. We will provide you with a delivery date. When the stock is ready for delivery we will require the remaining 50% to be paid.

Delivery Policy

Tiny Gardens is an Auckland based company. Our delivery terms apply to the Auckland regional area. If you are outside this area we use a carrier to deliver to you. The delivery terms may vary a bit depending on the area. If there is any change to the delivery policy for your area we will email you these T&C’s.

As many of our products are of a large size we deliver ourselves. We do have a longer delivery time because of this. If you need something sooner please contact us by email and we can sort a special order for you. This generally does not cost you more unless there are extenuating circumstances.

When you order online, you will receive an email confirmation your order details. Delivery will occur within 7 days. If products are out of stock we will notify you of this. We will let you know expected delivery date, or we can suggest an alternative.

Someone will need to be available at the address to take receipt of the delivery. If other arrangements need to be made you can contact us directly by email.

If you are not available at the arranged delivery time you must notify us 24 hours prior. If not you will be charged freight to re-deliver the product purchased. We try to be flexible with delivery but due to time and traffic constraints we ask that you turn up on time. You can leave us delivery instructions. Please email us if you need any further clarification.

Tiny Gardens is not responsible for any plants, pots or products after delivery.

Damage & Returns

Goods must be inspected on delivery. If you have any query regarding defects, damage, failure to comply with the expectation the customer must email us in writing. The customer will have 1-3 days to let us know if there is a problem.

There is no warranty on the plants or pots once delivered. Pots and plants, soil and water will be in good and fit condition when delivered. Plants and pots are affected by the environment and the customer needs to look after them as per the maintenance and care tips. If not the plant and pot can be damaged. We have no control over this once they are delivered to site.

Over time plants and pots do change. Plants grow and pots will age if not cared for or if exposed to the sun and rain. Every pot is different and will age differently (some not at all). Pots aging sometimes improves the look of it. Tiny Gardens will not be responsible for natural aging if the customer is not happy.

We cannot accept returns, exchanges or provide refunds if you change your mind.

Any queries about the above terms please contact us by email.

Health and Safety

The customer or related parties must not ingest any plant material. This relates to eating or inhaling plant, soil materials, or any other product you purchase form us.

Soils & fertilisers can contain toxic materials so please use a mask, gloves and have a well- ventilated area (air flow/windows open/outside area). Please wash hands, clothes and the work area after use.

If you are concerned about yourself or another person/animal please see your doctor/vet or seek medical attention from emergency/after hour services.

Plants and pots are heavy. Please use appropriate equipment and 2-3 people if you are moving heavy objects. If an accident happens please contact emergency services.

Tiny Gardens does not take responsibility for accidents or illness that happen after delivery. If the customer follows the above instructions the product is safe for use in the home or other locations.

Product Care

All product has suitable use instructions. If a plant or pot is only for indoor use it will be specified. We also specify suitable conditions for outdoor use. If followed all plants and product will have long and happy lives.


Please remember that plants require water, soil and plant food. They need a trim. Look after your house by ensuring that dirty water, fertiliser and plant material are cleaned up. All these materials may stain or damage certain surfaces if the customer is not careful.

Tiny Gardens will not take responsibility for any damage caused in the home after delivery.


We endeavour to give you the best plant available and we hand pick all stock.

Plants do vary in size and availability. Pictures are only indicative of what the plant will look like.

Plants do grow and once in the pot will improve in appearance if looked after correctly.

You can access plant maintenance on our website and other plant maintenance websites. We will give you an easy overview on how to look after your plant with your delivery.

Tiny Gardens cannot take responsibility for the plant after delivery, however if you have any concerns you are always welcome to email us with queries and we will point you in the right direction.

Please see plant care section below for a summary.

Paid Orders

If we cancel your order for any reason we will refund the full amount you have paid.

The only time you will not get a full refund is if you have not received the delivery and we have had to return the order to the depot. If this happens we will attempt to re-deliver the order at your cost. If you still are not available to receive the order we will refund 50% of your order. We will retain 50% of the order and the freight charge to cover time and costs.

Cancellation may occur if we cannot fill the order in a reasonable time. Or we cannot fill the order as the stock is not available. This will be a 100% refund.

Reasonable time

If the agreed time of the delivery on the website cannot be met we will contact the customer directly and offer a new time of delivery. If the customer accepts the new time of delivery we will make arrangements for the delivery of the purchase. The only time this will not occur is if there is an unforeseen hold up on stock being available. We will always contact the customer 48 hours in advance to offer and alternative product or a new time.


Tiny Gardens is a subsidiary department of Avery Stevenson Limited. Outdoor Creations is also a subsidiary department of the same company.

All terms and information on this website are the property of Avery Stevenson Limited. It may not be re-used for other persons or organisations if related to their gain. It is solely for the use of the organisation who owns this site and for the customers of Tiny Gardens.

Please check this website for updates as we can add information, product or price changes at any time and without notice.

Your information will only be used for the purchase of product. We can contact you regarding any updates to other information. You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time. This can be done on the website or by emailing us directly.


Plants, pots, stock, product, inventory, order, soil, plant food and all other product names relate to the customers purchase.

Medicine is related to the treatment of pests an diseases. Pesticide and fungicide are common terms for plant medicine. We have suggestions on the website, and recommend you also ask at a local garden supplier.

Fertiliser is plant food. There are many fertilisers on the market. We have suggestions on the website, and recommend you also ask at a local garden supplier.

Customer is the person or organisation that purchases product or orders from Tiny Gardens. It also is anyone related to the initial customer that purchased product form Tiny Gardens. Or any person/animal that comes into contact with the product after delivery.

While Tiny Gardens limits liability to any responsibility after delivery – all these terms are for worst case scenarios. Our products are easy to care for and enjoyable if the customer follows any simple instructions.

Plant Care

Plants are like People – they need:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Food
  • Hair Cuts
  • Medicine (sometimes).

We have more information available to you on how to care for the plants, pots and other products on our website. Please revisit tinygardens.nz plant and maintenance tips.

All information and advice are suggestions. Tiny gardens is not responsibility for mis-use of products we have suggested. There are many alternatives both chemical and natural. You are encouraged to seek further professional advice on these alternatives and their correct use.

If plants are looked after correctly they will grow and thrive. If they do need medicine please use the correct method of treatment. Ongoing treatment is to water and feed correctly.

Plants do not require a lot of care. If you do not think your plant is looking good you may need to check water (too much or too little), feed and trim. If you notice spots or damage to the leave take a leaf to a garden centre or send us a photo and we can help you.